Tuesday, 5 April 2011

it's cold today

Today I've done nothing much other than the school run, and feed the baby (and drink a vat of tea). I've collected all my crafty things together, but I need some ideas of what to make first.

Tomorrow I plan to go to my local fabric shop and buy some fleece to make these bunnies for my children. I also want to get some material for this lovely heart for my bedroom wall. So now all I can think about is buying a glue gun!!

Monday, 4 April 2011

Mothering Sunday :) the sun is out at last!!

What a lovely weekend it was! At last the spring is here, the flowers are all emerging and the sun has come out to play. At bloody last!! We had a fantastic time, being able to go out with out having to wrap everyone up first is such fun! Managed to cram in two picnics, a castle, the park and trips to see all the relatives and get lots done at home!

we love Fram Castle, it's a fab castle to take the kids 

In the past

In the past I have made things, such as pin boards and cushion covers.

and a dab of reupholstering some bargain kitchen chairs that I found in a second hand shop - all simple things that I really enjoyed doing - they were also fairly cheap to do (but effective).