Saturday, 21 January 2012

task 5... ?

I think this is task number 5...or maybe 6, depends what I count as a task or not.

Any way, over two years ago I stumbled into a fabric shop in deepest darkest North Norfolk and found some lovely wool fabric, woven and smooth - I had to buy it! It's sat in my chest of horrors (unorganised, chaotic and messy sewing cupboard) ever since.

Until Friday afternoon, I decided it was time to make a small bag to test the fabric and see how it suited being made into a bag. For I have a plan for a bag that I think it would be perfect for!

It's the perfect size for some books, or my diary and odds and sods - I put a zipped pocked inside for my phone and keys (which I'm always managing to misplace!)

The lining is made from super lovely strong turquoise cotton - which I love, and only wish I remembered where I bought it from so I could go and buy some more!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

quick post bunting bags TAKE TWO

I spent more time, and more thought and effort and the results are much better

the bags (4 of them) are all similar in design, with bunting flags along the front, but have different cotton lining - and an 8 inch zipper along the top

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

slow down calm down

If you rush... this is what happens.

I cried.

The Stupid Dog Bag

fully lined, with a zip pocket (and I think it's the best zippy pocket I've ever done)

So I was planning on making this bag for myself ALL weekend. I used up the last of my oil cloth material, and this mess is now what I have to show for it... SAD!!

Bunting Bag (1st attempt)

Quick post today as I have LOADS to get done today

Last night Lola asked me to make her a little bag - she loves little purses and bags, so I ended up making her two!

the little bunting bag idea is from justanotherhangup blog - wish I had ironed my fabric properly first - will be making a few more of these today, using different body fabric and a mix of bunting flags! It's fab for using up scraps though!

Sunday, 15 January 2012

projects one and two

I started this week in a mad panic, knowing that my new job starts next week, I have a presentation to give at Uni on Tuesday, plus having to sort out child minders, kids etc

But, I made these

simple and easy prism pouches...

these arent particularly complicated or hard but I love making them and they are fab to have in stock for quick presents for people,

Second Project

Fully revsible bag - which Im in love with!!

My rotary cutter and I have fallen out in  BIG way....


Right now Im making another bag, with a recessed zip, (I've been using the tutorial at Projects By Jane for this, which is a FAB blog!!)

Can you remember the wallet I made ages ago for some one? Then I broke my machine and did NO sewing for 5 months... well my own wallet is all finished now :)

 Ive had lots of lovely comments from people, and a few people would like me to make one for them - which will keep me busy!!

Right now I'm working through my fabric stash - and will have to go out and have a shopping spree at some point!


I completely forgot to mention that you can now find me at Chocolate & Ginger and I'm in the process of having some proper labels printed up - very exciting!! Planning on a blog give away in February too, busy times ahead!

Monday, 2 January 2012

A to do list...


to-do list


a list of tasks that need to be completed, typically organized in order of priority:

a to do list is really a work in progress, there are lots of different things I want to do and make, but life doesnt always allow enough time to do them! This year I have set myself the task of 100 projects...

Bunting! I'd like to make some for both of my daughter's bedrooms, plus some for the living room - I really like the style of this here  at Whipup.

Also, paper / card bunting, I love the shapes and colours that you can use - shall try that too!!

my lovely friends

I also need to make a changing bag for my friend (see above) who is expecting her first child. I intend on slightly adapting the bag from Sew Resourceful's amazing tutorial which is just fabby! With matching bags for inside, I thought prism pouches would work, plus they are super simple and really handy. Did you see the blanket I made my nephew? Thought I'd make another one too - which is here, I wonder if my sister in law uses it?

OOO plus, photoshop tutorials, I have written two more but need to upload them.

Right... best get on with it.

I need some advice re making a quilt, any one help?

Sunday, 1 January 2012

2012, new year, new goal

Happy New Year!

2012 is going to be a busy busy year, lots of reasons why, lots of things to do - some I can't talk about yet, but very exciting all the same. I hope you have a fab and fun 2012 too.

The main goal for 2012 for me, is to make all the things that I want to, and that I have wanted to make for ages.

Following So Resourceful over the last year and seeing her 100 project challenges which you can see here has inspired me lots and I hope she continues to do so.

There are bags, bunting, creatures, curtains... all sorts on my to do list!!

So, Im setting myself the challenge of 100 projects - hope so be able to update often, write a few tutorials and with the best intentions, complete all 100!!

Em x