Saturday, 21 January 2012

task 5... ?

I think this is task number 5...or maybe 6, depends what I count as a task or not.

Any way, over two years ago I stumbled into a fabric shop in deepest darkest North Norfolk and found some lovely wool fabric, woven and smooth - I had to buy it! It's sat in my chest of horrors (unorganised, chaotic and messy sewing cupboard) ever since.

Until Friday afternoon, I decided it was time to make a small bag to test the fabric and see how it suited being made into a bag. For I have a plan for a bag that I think it would be perfect for!

It's the perfect size for some books, or my diary and odds and sods - I put a zipped pocked inside for my phone and keys (which I'm always managing to misplace!)

The lining is made from super lovely strong turquoise cotton - which I love, and only wish I remembered where I bought it from so I could go and buy some more!


  1. That's really nice. I can never find a bag I like Perhaps I should consider making my own!

  2. Awesome chocolate blog.... I really loved it