Sunday, 1 January 2012

2012, new year, new goal

Happy New Year!

2012 is going to be a busy busy year, lots of reasons why, lots of things to do - some I can't talk about yet, but very exciting all the same. I hope you have a fab and fun 2012 too.

The main goal for 2012 for me, is to make all the things that I want to, and that I have wanted to make for ages.

Following So Resourceful over the last year and seeing her 100 project challenges which you can see here has inspired me lots and I hope she continues to do so.

There are bags, bunting, creatures, curtains... all sorts on my to do list!!

So, Im setting myself the challenge of 100 projects - hope so be able to update often, write a few tutorials and with the best intentions, complete all 100!!

Em x


  1. That is brilliant, I hope you enjoy your challenge of 100 projects, I know I did! I love reading your blog and am glad that I helped inspire you. Good luck for 2012

  2. Good luck with your goals Em. I only made silly resolutions but am endeavouring to blog more and make more cards if I can.

  3. awww thank you - yes, 100 target. Will be posting in next couple of days of the things that have inspired me, plus the things I want to actually get done.