Sunday, 3 July 2011

Happy Sunday

Thought I better add some thing today, as things have been a touch slow this week.

I made a little fabric pot, to keep hair clips and such in.

and this morning I played around with the dimensions and made a couple of fabric baskets / boxes to hold a few baby bits on the changing table.

So this week I have a long to do list, first craft fair table has been booked and I've got lists of orders from people. Eeeek... In other news, I've had all my hair cut off... don't know if I like it yet!


  1. your house must be full of lovely hand made craft goodies. The Crows Hall Country Fair is worth considering for a stall next year, I've not seen goods like yours on offer so there wouldn't be tables full of like for like and your stuff is great :) Also Occold do monthly markets of homemade produce.

  2. aww thats really kind of you thank you xx