Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Well this is the project that broke my sewing machine a few weeks ago. I was very very upset that my machine kept eating my things!! It has now been serviced (at great expense!) and is working better than ever.

cutting out the pattern

my daughter has adopted this as her bird

these were going to be used to make a mobile for my younger baby, sadly all the pieces haven't been put together, maybe I will get round to it. At the moment I just have lots of birds :)

I have a plan for these, and will be using them when I decorate my children's bedroom soon!


  1. I love the birds! beautiful colours! bet their bedroom will look adorable! I really need to find some vintage floral material for my kids bedroom, for cutrains and/or cushions! I have a brand new sewing machine from christmas I still have not tuched! my mum used to sew everything in our house, have so many sewing books she handed down to will have to pop round and teach me not to be afraid of my machine!!!LOL x

  2. I do love these spool birds, they always look lovely and are a great way of using up fabric scraps.

  3. they are lovely. i've notice alot of birds on cushions and things in the like of laura ashley. yours are far nicer and not as expensive. thank you so much for your comment on my blog.