Saturday, 25 June 2011

oil cloth prism pouches (head ache)

For some time I've wanted to make these, after I found a tutorial at crafster - but in reality I struggled, and I need to make a few more before they are how I want them.

Love the fabric though, and this is the first real time I've used oilcloth

My new teflon foot arrived... and I have been to my most loved fabric store...

the pattern

the fabric, 2x oil cloth ext 2x cotton lining
the first time I sewed the lining and the zips wrong, so had to unpick it all (which made me extremely cross - remember, right sides together, lining THEN zip THEN oil cloth with the zip sandwiched in between)

ironed and top stitched

I ironed my oil cloth, on the fabric side on a low heat - it was fine and didn't melt as I had predicted


 I still need to work on the square end pieces that are at the end of the zipper, this hasn't turned out quite how I wanted but today my brain is completely failing to calculate seems and the way round the fabrics should be... I need more sleep!

Does any one have any suggestions to make it neater? When the fabric is right sides together and you sew the seam, which way do you sew the square tabs? 

the bottom


  1. You are very clever, I wish i could sew.

  2. Ooooh, that's so pretty! I cannot sew to save my life, so I am going to get my art fix from snooping on your blog OK :-)

  3. Ooh, that looks really nice. I'm trying to think which way I sew the square tabs now to make the top neater, but my brain has gone dead. I will make one next week and report back to you (altohugh I don't use oilcloth, so it might just be easier with thinner fabric to tuck it all in neatly?)